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Taconic offers PTFE coated glass fabrics, self adhesive Tac-Tapes, silicone coated glass fabrics plus much more, specific to your requirements.

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Our products are used in an endless variety of applications. We can also design a product for your specific needs.

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About Taconic

Taconic is a privately owned American company with its European headquarters in Mullingar, Ireland. For over thirty years we have built our client base by focusing on commitment to quality, service, product innovation and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

What we do

Taconic has been a world leader in the PTFE coated glass industry since 1961. Founded by Lester T. Russell, the acknowledged inventor of PTFE to glass fabric, over the last four decades, the company has expanded on this core capability by serving numerous markets. Facilities in Europe, the Americas, and Asia serve customers with high-quality fabricated materials and multilingual local sales support.

Our Industrial Products Division produces a wide range of coated materials, including PTFE coated glass fabrics, self adhesive Tac-Tapes, engineered conveyor belts, and silicone coated glass fabrics. The lightweight, durable, non-stick, dielectric and thermal characteristics of these chemically-resistant coated materials makes them well-suited for applications in the food, plastic packaging, textile manufacturing, chemical, screen printing, oil, aerospace and distribution industries.

The Taconic team consists of talented individuals who are skilled at responding quickly to rapidly changing markets. Under the leadership of CEO Andy Russell grandson of the company's founder, the Taconic team continues to demonstrate the ability to convert knowledge into innovation-resulting in Taconic maintaining its position as a leading supplier of advanced engineered composite materials.

Taconic in Europe

Since 1977 we have manufactured our product range from Ireland from where we serve a large part of the European market. In order to ensure proximity to our customers, we also have sales and belt fabrication sites in the UK (Burgess Hill, Sussex), Germany (Cologne), France (Doussard) & Poland (Kostrzyn). Being based in these strategic locations means we can respond to the needs of the market rapidly.

Who Are We?

People are key within the Taconic family – both our customers and staff alike. Our Sales & Customer Service Teams are dedicated to satisfying your every need, working closely with our production, quality and technical teams. Our goal is always to deliver the best product, on time, and at a competitive price.

Customers are our partners and we always encourage feedback to know if we are doing our job well. Your insight allows Taconic to anticipate and meet changing needs with product innovation and technical support.

Quality & Service

Product quality is essential as it ensures the end-users of our PTFE coated glass fabrics, Self Adhesive PTFE Glass Tapes & PTFE coated glass fabric conveyor belts are satisfied and will always return to buy from Taconic. Commitment to our ISO 9001 certification is key to our continued success. All products are tested rigorously against specification before shipment ensuring the highest industry standards are met.

The level of service afforded from all of Taconic's European locations is renowned within the industry. In Ireland, we hold a large stock of the most important products to ensure swift deliveries. 98% of orders received are confirmed within 24 hours and our lead times are the envy of the industry. From our belting facilities in the UK, Germany, France & Poland we offer the latest joint fabrication techniques as well as quick deliveries to avoid any customer downtime.

Production Innovation

Product innovation is essential to ensure our customers are afforded the latest technology available. In recent years Taconic has led the industry in terms of technical advancements and is constantly developing application specific solutions with products such as Tacmaster, Tacweld, Tacfuse and Taccast 10-3. Our customers play a vital role in this process by requesting improvements where increased efficiency or value is required. Feel free to contact us with any such new product requests you may have.