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Taconic is the world's largest manufacturer of PTFE coated glass fabrics, with European locations in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, and Poland. Our range of top quality high temperature, non-stick fabrics and tapes includes heat resistant PTFE mesh, packaging belts & tapes, screen print drying belts, oven belts, silicone belts, self adhesive PTFE tapes and skived virgin PTFE.

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Taconic offers Coveyor Belts, PTFE Belts, PTFE coated glass fabrics, self adhesive Tac-Tapes, silicone coated glass fabrics plus much more, specific to your requirements.

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Our products are used in an endless variety of applications like screen print drying belts, tortilla belts or baking sheets. We can also design a product for your specific needs.

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Dear Valued Customer

    The safety, health and welfare of out customers, employees and suppliers has always been immensely important to us. Our Commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace was reinforced by the Covid-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.

    To ensure that we continued to work safely, we developed and implemented a detailed Covid-19 Work Safely Plan. Everyone in Taconic took responsibility for the implementation of this plan, and a combined effort helped curtail the spread of the virus at work and, by extension, within out communities. Throughout the pandemic, thanks to our skilled and dedicated staff, all our facilities have remained fully operational.

    Some of the steps we introduced to keep out facilities safe included intensifying our cleaning regimes, adapting the workplace to facilitate physical distancing, securing and distributing appropriate personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer, and developing and implementing procedures to be followed in the event of someone showing symptoms of the virus both at work and at home.

    Unfortunately, certain restrictions remain in place in the various countries in which we operate. Thankfully, we are starting to see signs that these will be lifted over the coming weeks and months. However, we will continue to monitor developments of this coronavirus in the localities in which we operate, and we will adapt out health and safety plans accordingly to ensure we continue to work safely.

    Finally, we appreciate your business and the confidence you have shown in Taconic. If you have questions about specific products, please contact out Customer Service Representatives or a member of our Sales Team, who will be delighted to respond and support you without delay.