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Taconic offers PTFE coated glass fabrics, self adhesive Tac-Tapes, silicone coated glass fabrics plus much more, specific to your requirements.

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Our products are used in an endless variety of applications. We can also design a product for your specific needs.

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Belt Fabrication Options

Various splices are available depending on your unique requirements. Metallic, non-metallic, and endless splices can be specified.

 Overlap Joint

Butt Joint    Scarfed Joint PEEK Spiral  
Clipper Joint   Alligator Joint   Bullnose Joint   Castellated Joint  


Edge reinforcement can be added on one or both edges by heat sealing and/or sewing. In addition any guiding strips, studs or eyelets can be added as required.





PTFE Glass Edging



 Kevlar Cord

Pure PTFE Edging


Kevlar Edging




Taconic also manufactures two ply belts with a smooth continuous thickness along the entire belt length. These are typically used in packaging and heat sealing applications.

Our laminated belts are far superior to woven endless belts due to exceptional tracking properties and increased lateral stability. These belts are stronger and harder wearing than standard fusing belts with a smoother top surface and super smooth joint for lowest mark off next to seamless belts.

We also offer an on site belt installation service as well as all equipment for joining belts (presses, irons, films, etc.)

For further details of all of these fabrication options, please contact us or download our belting brochure

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